First Splash 2014

Pick up your wristbands for fun from all participating members listed above May, 24, Saturday night.

Free booze, beer and boys! The bars give back to you! Sunday, May 25, Hippie Hollow, Lake Travis 11 - 4.

> Hosted by Kelly Kline and Murrah Noble.

> DJs Bang!, Kavika, Eriq Stylez and Mouthfeel.

> Swimwear fashion show featuring Ryan's Boys.

> More T.B.A.


Cross-promotions with Bobby and Danny's Big Gay brunch and Splashdays.

"V" Niteclub and lounge participating.


About Splash:

In the spring of 1983, a group of bar owners in Austin, formed the Bar
Owners Association of Texas, BOAT. It's purpose was to bring the bars
and nigbtclubs togetber in Texas, to promote our business, protect our
rights and to have representation in tbe capitol.
During tbis time, we also discussed ways of showing appreciation to our
patrons who were so loyally supporting the gay clubs and business's in
Austin. One of the club members, Butch Brittain of Sally's Apartment,
had a manager, Jim Smith, who suggested the clubs sponsor a day at
"Hippy Hollow", Lake Travis's nude beach.
In the fall of 1983, a meeting was held with bar owners, Butch Brittain,
Myra Atkins, Randy Cunniff, Donald, Fred Fine, George Daniel
and Ray McDermett, to initiate this promotion and it was agreed to call
it "Splash Day". Plans were put into affect tbat we would rent a small
pontoon boat, put 4 kegs of beer on it and park it at Hippy Hollow and
serve free beer. Randy Cunniff, furnished a portable sound system and
to say the least, the promotion was a roaring success.
That promotion was on Memorial Day, 1984. During successive years,
it was moved to the first Sunday in May, so that clubs could enjoy the
benefits of having Memorial Day free for it's own promotion.
In 1984, during a meeting of bar owners, it was suggested of adding a
"Last splash", to be held on Labor Day weekend. This idea was tabled to
the latter part of that year.
During a meeting in early 1985, it was decided by the bar owners to add
"Last Splash" to the events at Hippy Hollow and the first one was held
on Labor Day 1985. A larger barge was rented to hold more kegs of
beer and more people to help witb dispensing it. We got the local beer
company's to donate the kegs of beer and the Splash Day promotions
were off to bigger and better things.
The Splash Day promotions began to bring people from all over the US,
bringing a lot of revenue to the clubs and to Austin's hotel and
restaurant business. The largest draw was estimated to be on Labor
Day, 1990, attracting over 10,000 people to that event and sponsored
only by tbe gay bars of Austin and donations from beer and liquor
company's of Austin.
In later years, bar owners and bars changed hands, bringing a new
breed to the gay bar scene in Austin and some of the straight bars began
to see tbe monetary benefits of being a part of these events and soon the
gay bars slowly, except for a few, dropped out of tbe sponsorship of
these events.
In 2004, a boat rented from Just for Fun, on Lake Travis, turned over
and sank, causing some injuries and loss of jewelry, etc., to many
patrons. As a result, lawsuits were filed against the Austin Tavern Guild
and all the clubs who were members, so this essentially ended the
involvement of most gay bars in Splash Day.

-Ray McDermett

As time passed other bars got re-invloved in Splash as they realised the value of giving back to the community.

This year we have the most establishments ever involved as they give back to you, our customers for a fun filled day on Lake Travis!



Look for events from our friends at "Splashdays" for additional "Last Splash" activities later this year.